Sunday, March 20, 2011

First post

The general purpose of this blog will be post recipes and reviews of vegan products and cookbooks, and to discuss vegan issues.  There will probably be some yammering on about general life and philosophy as well, knowing me.

My general vegan philosophy is on the health nut side, with some room left open for occasional indulgence. Beyond veganism, my extended family has members with a number of medically-based dietary restrictions, including allergies and diabetes that I try to accommodate when I can. So you can expect to see a number of recipes that fall under the categories of vegan and sugar free, etc., although not all.

I've been a vegan for nearly a decade, and I've come across some pretty good tricks over the years.  I hope some of the things I post will be useful to someone out there. If not, I'll probably still have fun trying. :-)

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